Hello the world!

Love's Gallery produces Fair Trade Virgin Coconut Oil
in a small remote island in Indonesia called Kapoposang.

Our coconut oil is made with wild coconut only.
100% handmade in traditional way.
No chemicals, less electric power.

Kapoposang is an elongated island,
hard to self-sufficient in food with coniferous trees.
Virtually there is no source of income other than
marine produce caught using blast fishing.
Explosives kill coral reefs where fishes are living.
What is going to happen in the future?
It's one of the biggest environmental issue in Indonesia.

The steady income from coconut oil prompted the islanders
to buy new fishing equipment and encouraged them to start
cultivating lobsters which is not coral reefs killing.

We can tell confidently this fair trade coconut oil project also leads to protecting coral reefs.

Thanks for choosing our fair trade coconut oil!
We're very happy of we could be an opportunity to reconsider
about your consuming behavior and living standards.

Love's Gallery will never stop thinking and keep challenging to make the world better place,too!

love and peace
Ai Fujiwara